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Now that the sun is out again…

Gone are the days of snow, cloudy skies, and bitter cold weather. It is time to once again incorporate SPF into our daily lives because the sun is back and it is here to stay. I find the most simple way to make sure I am wearing SPF everyday is by using a daily moisturizer that contains it. Currently, I have found an organic 3-1 tinted SPF moisturizer that is worth the mention.

It is made with with 80% certified organic ingredients, including jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, and shea butter to help moisturize the skin. Priced at only $12 it is truly an eco miracle!

xo, H

H&M’s Latest & Greatest Conscious Collection

Conscious Exclusive is H&M’s latest and greatest conscious collection set to hit 150 of their stores April 10th. The collection which will be made out of all sustainable materials, organic leather, and organic silk is going to be an eco-fashion line designed by Swedish retailer EVER Manifesto. 

H&M continues its unbelievable work in sustainability with yet another conscious collection releasing that we can all be sure to swoon over. This upcoming collection will even feature ‘CleverCare labels’ that provide environmentally friendly cleaning instructions. 

H&M is proving to the world that conscious fashion can be fashion forward AND affordable. It is the first step in bringing the concept of conscious fashion for the masses a reality. 

There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing the work companies like H&M are doing by setting an example for the future of sustainability in fashion. Tear. 

Support, Love, Accomplish


Studying at Northeastern University in Boston for over two months now I have become interested in the actions of DivestNU. Divest Northeastern University is dedicated to the preservation of the environment, sustainable living, carbon neutrality, and advocacy of green legislation. I took part in one of their campaigns by posing for photographer Ryan Cullen in the campaign focused on divesting away from fossil fuels. The club focuses on concepts I support, and I am glad to have been a part of a campaign that will hopefully further their achievements in accomplishing these goals.

I support the divestment of Northeastern’s endowment funds from fossil fuel industries. Dedicate yourself to something you support in everything you do—at work, in school, and in your personal life. The fulfillment it can bring is worth every minute of time spent working toward something you are interested in.

xo, Hannah 

Peace. Love. World.

A few days ago I arrived back to Miami to spend my Spring break at home. Waiting for me in my bedroom was a belated birthday gift from one of my dear family friends who I did not get to see on my actual birthday since I was away at school. Inside the bag was a sweater that displayed the spiritual message and mudra ‘I am protected’ along with an inspirational love quote at the top. Immediately, I went to see what brand the sweater was and discovered it to be peace love world….a brand I have written about in the past. 

This brand attracted me a while back when I discovered that inspirational words are displayed on each piece of apparel from the brand. I find it to be such a genius idea. What better way to spread these beautiful words about peace, love, and happiness then through the clothing you wear? It is the embodiment of conscious fashion. 

(Featured in the ‘I Am Protected Pomegranate Comfy Top’ with my sidekick Lucca)

It’s NYFW if you haven’t heard

I sit here writing this blog post on a train headed to NYC. It is February 13th. Normally I would be on my way home from a week filled with NYFW coverage. Unfortunately, college calls. This was just not a season I could make it.

On a brighter note, I will be spending the weekend here with family and friends enjoying my long weekend off from school. And even greater news….is the amount of conscious fashion shown at NYFW this season. NYFW is an event I used to do coverage for starting when I was sixteen years old. Once my blog switched over to Below The Seam and I started writing about conscious fashion, doing press coverage for NYFW didn’t really seem to fit in with my image anymore.

But season after season I have noticed the increase in eco-friendly, sustainable, organic, and ethical apparel collections that have started to be shown on the runways. It just goes to show how conscious fashion is continuously developing as a bigger and bigger movement within the industry.

It brings me great happiness knowing that the more designers that begin to show at NYFW, the more conscious fashion will continue to grow and become an ordinary concept. One day, I would like to be able to return to NYFW without the purpose of networking, but because there are enough conscious collections that I will be able to do press coverage for.

I will be featuring some of my favorite conscious collections from NYFW over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned and enjoy your weekend everyone. xo- Hannah 

(pictured at NYFW Fall 12’)

V-Day the eco-way

Many of us love the cheesiness of the class go-to Valentines Day gifts (myself included)…stuffed animals, chocolate, roses, and Hallmark cards. This year I decided to try my best and shy away from the standard plan of action and look for gifts to blog about with a bit more sentiment. Gifts that give back. So I complied a small list below of some gift suggestions that are either eco-friendly, sustainable, or charitable.  

Why not give your loved one, friend, or family member something with a bit more meaning. 

Happy Valentines Day,


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Eco can be high fashion too you know

Before the sustainable and eco-friendly fashion craze began way back when, there were designers like Stella McCartney. Stella McCartney, one of my fashion idols, incorporates eco & sustainable initiatives into all of her high fashion lines. A concept many people do not believe to be possible. Because how can hemp be high fashion, right?

Because there is more to conscious fashion than hemp, that’s why! 

Like so many designers and brands out there that are similar to Stella McCartney, companies are trying to become more sustainable by using eco-friendly and sustainable recourses and practices; a trend that will become more and more important with time for all brands out there. Sustainability is the future of fashion as people everywhere become more conscious. 

One of the biggest notions I hear is how sustainable and eco-friendly fashion can’t be high fashion or high quality. I dare you to take a look at my treasured Stella McCartney and test that little theory out. Really. Go ahead.


H&M Garment Collecting Initiative



A while back, H&M stores began a global initiative known as Garment Collecting. Through this system, customers bring in unwanted garments to any H&M store where they are in turn given a discount on their purchase. This genius concept gives your unwanted garments a new life and gives you a discount on the new clothing you are purchasing.

I learned about this initiative when I attended an event at their South Beach flagship about a year ago for the launch of one of their sustainable clothing collections.

The clothes you bring them are either recycled, reused, or sold again as a second hand good. It is an easy way to do your conscious deed of the day next time you shop at H&M.


                               Pictured in my comfiest of comfy H&M sweaters                             

                                             (photographed by Nathalia Negri)

My fashionably conscious role model Livia Firth & her husband Colin Firth #greencarpetchallenge

My fashionably conscious role model Livia Firth & her husband Colin Firth #greencarpetchallenge

(via sustainablefashionblog)