The BeyGOOD X STATE Union collaboration bag with Beyonce’s global charity campaign will hand-deliver one bag for every bag sold to an American child in need through the 2014 back to school initiative. 

From Pre-K to College, everyone needs a backpack. This is a reminder to consciously choose one that will serve a greater purpose. This year, choose a charitable, sustainable, or eco-friendly bag for back to school. This is your chance to make a difference!


Healthy Bites: Raw-Vegan Nori Rolls

Another raw-vegan recipe I learned how to make from my cousin. You can check out more of her healthy recipes at These rolls are perfect for a snack or on-the-go meal. 

-1 raw nori sheet

-any vegetables you like (we used avocado, bean sprouts, lettuce, carrots, and cucumber)

1. Fill your nori sheet half-way up with any of the vegetables you like that have been cut in thin strips vertically. 

2. Roll your nori roll up sushi-style using a dab of water to seal it. Cut it in half to make two hand rolls. 

Healthy Bites: Raw-Vegan Zucchini Noodles

I got to learn a few amazing raw-vegan recipes when visiting my cousin the other night. These zucchini noodles take less than ten minutes to make and definetly help curb a pasta craving. 

-2 raw zucchini’s 

-1 handful of fresh herbs (we used sage and rosemary)

-1/2 an avocado

1. Use any vegetable noodle maker to spiralize the zucchini into spaghetti pieces. 

2. With the remaining zucchini core left in the spiralizer, blend the herbs and avocado in a blender until the consistency turns into a creamy sauce. 

3. Toss the zucchini noodles with the sauce and top with a seasoning like salt or nutritional yeast (vegan cheese alternative) if desired. 

At Home Beauty: Rose Water Face Mist


Rose water has been used in skincare products forever. The anti-inflammatory properties, and ability to balance the pH of the skin make it the golden remedy to an abundance of skin issues. Here is one of the easiest and most natural at home recipes that will do some good to your skin. 


Add one part rose petals to two parts boiling water. Let steep for 10 minutes, and then drain the petals from the water. Place into a spray bottle and lightly mist over your face throughout the day as desired. 

Top Ten: Midtown Miami


This past weekend my dear friend Saundra came to Miami to visit me. I decided to show her around the Design District during Wynwood Art Walk because it is one of my favorite areas in Miami. In honor of her visit, here is a list of my ten favorite things in Midtown:

1. The white-chocolate chip orange cookies at Panther 

2. The gluten-free burrata pizza at Spris

3. A stroll at the Wynwood Walls

4. Homemade Cavatelli at Salumeria 

5. Robata cooked brussel sprouts at Sugarcane

6. The shops on NW 2nd Avenue in Wynwood for cool finds

7. Vegan cupcakes at Bunnie Cakes 

8. Strawberry and nutella crepes at Angelina’s

9. Plant The Future and Sprout for succulents 

10. Outdoor lunch at Mandolin